Blue Learner - Marc Bonne


What I do


Currently working as a product designer, conducting user research interviews, observations, surveys and translating requirements into user personas, stories, journey maps, information architectures, wireframes, and prototypes optimised for a wide range of devices and interfaces designed to enhance overall user experience and increase conversions.


What I've done


Have worked in large agile teams for companies such as eBay, Stanford University, Groupon, and as well as a varied array of small start-ups in different industries collaborating with stakeholders at all levels from product owners to designers to developers. Have developed UX research and testing plans ensuring appropriate levels of data is collected depending on the needs of the project. Performed concept and usability testing both remotely and in-person through lab environments, creating documentation containing qualitative/quantitative analysis and style guides to inform design decisions that meet business goals.


What tools I use


In terms of software, I tend to use Balsamiq Mockups or Axure to create wireframes and prototypes, as well as the Adobe Creative Suite (such as Adobe XD, Photoshop and Illustrator) to flesh out visual designs. 


Other related activities


Also carrying out a Ph.D. part-time in user experience research, investigating the extent to which educational computer games affect mathematics anxiety in university students. The mixed methods study involves designing surveys, conducting playtest observations (including eye-tracking, facial recognition, mouse and keyboard tracking, and think aloud) as well as interviews to create a model of individual components of a game that affect mathematics anxiety. The model will be used in the development of games that reduce anxiety levels while students learn mathematics topics.