Big upcoming UX events where you could land your next role (in the UK)

Been getting this query from a few people in the UK recently, so thought I'd compile a list in case anyone else is looking to connect with companies at UX events. Surprise, surprise most are in London. Though, if you're aware of any others, feel free to comment.

The UX conference

September 7th - 2018, London 

Featuring speakers from Microsoft, Spotify, Facebook, Tobii, BBC, NHS, McLaren, Google,, Dice.  Bring some business cards and join discussion on everything from UX in AI to Eye-tracking to presenting UX research findings.  

Generate London

September 19th-21st 2018, London

Brands itself, "The conference for web designers" but can't imagine UXers will be turned away at the door. Anyway this is a 3 day networking event, where you'll be updated with the latest trends in design and learn techniques to take away for your creative process. Featuring speakers from Wix, Amazon, Asembler and more.

Canvas Conference

October 4th 2018, Birmingham

Hear stories from those at the frontline of UX and take away insights you can use in your work. Meet the forces behind Dropbox, and Sainsbury's.

UX Insider Conference

October 16, 2018, Bournemouth

Get insider info on what UXers are doing at some of the top organisations in the UK.

Leading Design 2018

October 10-12, 2018, London

If you're currently leading a design project, or thinking of leading one, this event brings speakers from Google, Pinterest, Slack, Mailchimp, and more to discuss managing teams/projects and becoming a overall better design leader.

UX Live

October 25 - 26, 2018, London

2 days, 40 speakers and whole load of networking opportunities. Learn everything from usability testing, to ethics, to selling UX to your boss. Meet speakers from Youtube, the Home Office, BBC, Netflix and many others.

Interact London 2018

October 17, 2018, London

Another one for the UX and design leaders, this time of discussing theme of "intelligence in design". The event features speakers from Lego, NHS digital and more.

Mobile UX London Conference 2018 (MUXL)

November 20, 2018, London

While it mentions "mobile" MUXL appears to be for all UXer's. Topics include VR, AR, Internet-of-things (IOT) and AI. Expect to see folks from Accenture, Orange, Just Eat, and Google.

UX Brighton 2018: Advancing Research

November 2nd, 2018, Brighton

Everything on the research side of the UX, from putting together teams, to testing new technologies, to creating surveys that are actually useful.  Behold speakers from the Home Office, the BBC and Co-op.

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