Software I use for UX research and design hybrid projects

Your own needs will vary depending on the project, but these seem to be the most common software tools I use in the user research/design process.


For drawing up user journeys, personas and user flows.

Google forms

Creating surveys is relatively easy sharing them is simple if you know your participants contact details. Can also export data for analysis in Google Sheets, Excel, SPSS or other tools.

Morae Recorder/Manager

Great if you have a physical lab set up. Morae Recorder lets grab footage of on screen activity and the participants face as they interact with your designs. You can also record keyboard strokes and mouse movements. With the camera placement, you can record interviews too.

Morae Manager lets you analyse your data, or you can export it for analysis for specialized analysis tools such as NViVo.

Google Analytics

Can see who's looking at your site, what they're doing and keep track of conversions.

Google Optimize

Can't decide which design to choose? Set up multiple versions and see which one performs better.


Great for coding/theming and analysing qualitative data and even does basic descriptive statistics for quantitative data. Can import text, audio and video data too.


Has pretty much everything you need for quantitative UX research. Just need to ensure you're using the right statistical analysis method.

Balsamiq mockups

Sketch lo-fidelity wireframes for testing.

Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator

Mainly for editing photos and creating icons. However, it can be used to sketch hi-fidelity wireframes, they're just not interactive unlike Adobe XD.

Adobe XD

Create interactive wireframes and publish them online for testing. Can import designs from Photoshop from too. Great for testing the flow of your applications.


Works in a similar way to Adobe XD, but is a lot in-depth in terms of prototype development and has a slightly steeper learning curve. with advanced conditional logic and component animation. Used when you want to demonstrate exactly what your site will look like and how it will work.

If you don't have physical lab space, you can always performing user testing remotely with your target audience. It's costs money for each participant, but recruitment is a lot easier due to the larger pool of potential applicants to select from.


For communicating with project teams and potential users in real time.

MS Word

For writing copy to be used in apps and creating user research reports.


For correcting grammar in the above.

That's pretty much it. I'll be testing out eye-tracking and facial recognition software soon, so will let you know how that goes. In the meantime, what do you think of the list, and what tools do you use?

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