Boosting sales and conversions through UX research, design and writing



UX writing/design consulting: (July 2017 – Present)


  • A Belgium-based new media company providing digital display content to be shown on company TVs, billboards, and mobile devices in shops and public places.



  • When visitors would arrive at the website it was difficult for them to understand the exact purpose of the site and how they would benefit.


My Role

  • Find out customer requirements by interviewing product owners and marketing team as well as collecting existing requirements documents.

  • Create user personas and user flows for each target audience

  • Adjust copy to suit requirements

  • Write reports containing suggestions for improving the user flow of the application.




Extensive beta testing with visitors carried out over 6 months. Unclear how exactly testing was performed. Results to be confirmed. The company has since attracted big-name users, including partnerships with IMEC, Code for Good, and Bru Textiles.




UX Research and design (August 2015 – November 2015)

A group of medical researchers from Stanford University wanted a way to ensure clinicians are supported in the care of a trauma patient and can meet the needs of the specific traumatically injured patients.


My Role 

  • Gather user requirements for the app by interviewing project manager and product owners.

  • Draw user personas and user flows based on user requirements.

  • Create wireframes for mobile devices.

  • Design mockups for web and mobile in Balsamiq Mockups/Photoshop and acquire feedback from potential users.

  • Design tablet mockups using a simple interface that scale to fit smartphone screens.

  • Rework design based on the usability tests results.


Outputs required

  • Research health industry and decide the colour scheme and logo for the app.

  • User Personas, user flows, wireframes and hi-fidelity mockups



A year after the completed app was rolled out on iOS and Android devices, the app was later bought by iTim (New South Wales Institute of Trauma and Injury Management), winning the Merit Award at the NSW iAwards.

NSW Trauma App - Wireframes, mockups, user personas, user flows


UX research and product design (3rd – 5th June  2017)

Part of a Startup Weekend challenge at Sheffield University. Students had a weekend to build an app that scales for a large audience.



  • Web research found a negative stigma around mental health has made it difficult for people with autism to find work.​


My role

  • Perform user research by interviewing autism sufferers on how they search for jobs, and what they want to see from the app.

  • Research apps that autism sufferers use daily and what they find appealing about them.

  • Interview local employers to find out they’re basic expectations from a recruitment app.

  • Create personas and user flows for job seekers and employers.

  • Create user flows and Photoshop mockups of the new job site application and test with both audiences (employers and job seekers).



  • A panel of judges (consisting of a number company owners) at the Start-up Weekend felt the design looked ideal for the cases involved.

  • The Fair-Minded Jobs app won crowd favourite for the best business concept and product prototype.

Fair Minded Jobs - User research questionnaire, user flows, mockups


UX design/writing  (October 2017 -  Present)

Sortio is a Slovakia based virtual workspace developer. They created a cloud-based app for work and communication for the Slovakian market. The app was a response to demand amongst Slovakian workers for a tool that combines the features of Slack with Google Drive, however, they wished to expand its reach to English speaking countries across the EU.



  • Market research by the team found businesses want an all-in-one platform tool for real-time sharing of documents and communication among employees and very few options exist. 


My role

  • Identify pain-points for companies regarding communication amongst workers

    • Found this out by interviewing Sortio marketing team.

  • Create a user journey map for the typical Sortio user. 

  • Write UX copy for the app reflecting those pain points. Make sure copy is short enough so it scales to small devices.

  • Navigate around the existing site, suggesting changes to the positioning of content, page structure, user flow changes to make the copy as effective as possible in getting the message to the user.

  • Perform user testing with businesses in the local area (Sheffield, UK) to identify potential changes to content and flow. Write a report featuring observation results containing any suggested changes based on user needs.



Since November 2017 when the UX writing was published, the redesign has attracted 9 mostly Europeans paying clients from a wide range of sectors including firms such as MLMedia , Softec Solutions , Krea and JosiahVenture.

Sortio - UX questionnaires, writing


UX research and writing  (March 2015 -  June 2017)

Sirv is a UK based tech-startup with an established image hosting platform, allowing individuals and companies to create image viewers for 360 spin, slideshows and image galleries which can be displayed on their own websites and apps.



  • According to Google analytics data, 78% of Sirv users searched through the companies Help Center for assistance regarding image uploading and processing. A Systems Usability Scale (SUS) based questionnaire was sent to all Sirv users. The findings identified that 61% felt the instructions were riddled with technical jargon, 45% believed there were too many categories to search through to find the answer to a problem, and 55% agreed there were not enough visual demonstrations of the app in use.



  • Redesign the knowledge base of the Sirv website so the target audience finds it easier to navigate and find the information they need.



My role

  • Use interviews to find out the user requirements of your typical Sirv user from the product owner.

    • Write a report containing interview themes based on user requirements.

    • Create a user journey map for your typical Sirv user.

    • Analyse the information architecture and improve the categorisation of data.

    • Create wireframes using Balsamiq mockups for desktop and tablet devices.

    • Write a UX review containing copy changes in English, based on user research. 

  • Redesign and rewrite the knowledge base in accordance with the user requirements, ensure designs are fully responsive. Produce hi-fidelity mockups in Photoshop.

  • A/B test any redesigns of the website remotely through usertesting.com.



Since the new Help Center implementation and general redesign of the site in November 2017, Sirv has attracted and retained 6 big name clients in the clothing sector through the site such as Schuh, Timberland and Mizuno who (according to the product owner) commented that the new Help Center design was the dominant factor in helping them carry out the task of creating and sharing images.

Sirv - UX writing, technical writing, user journey maps, user flows


UX research/design  (November 2015 -  February 2016)

Equality.org was a US-based online directory bringing the church together with the LGBTQ community. The website used Google Maps API to help tourists and new residents find LGBTQ friendly churches.



  • The company had an old website based on a purchased Wordpress template. The template was cheap and allowed the website to be published quickly.

  • The site lacked the company's own branding from a graphical standpoint.

  • It was unknown whether the template was optimised from a UX perspective.

  • The site was difficult to customise from the backend and frontend.

  • The product owner decided a new website should be developed based on a more customisable CMS, which could more easily be branded, customized and tested to the company’s requirements, with a UX optimised for its target audience.



  • Redesign Equality.org, keeping with the latest UX design trends (at the time), and tailor it to the target audience based on user research that encourages the LGBTQ community and churches to sign up and connect with each other.


My role

  • Go through the existing website, write a report containing UI/UX issues that need to be addressed according to current UX trends.

  • Identify user requirements of the LGBTQ and church community by interviewing the product owner.

  • Create personas, journey maps and user flows, based on user research. 

  • Work with copywriter and developer to design Balsamiq wireframes and hi-fidelity mock-ups (in Photoshop/Axure) for each page,

  • Iterate designs after A/B user testing.



While the project was cancelled 1 month after the redesign (due to the product owner becoming ill), 9 U.S. based churches signed up via the site. The previous website template only acquired  2 signups from churches every 3 months.

Equality.org - user personas, user journey maps, mockups